Philip House: A charismatic evangelical Christian organization for the ministry of women

Acts 21:8-9 states that Paul and his companions "stayed at the house of Philip the evangelist . . .. He had four unmarried daughters who prophesied." (NIV)

Philip House is a ministry that seeks to mobilize Christian women of any marital status to be available to the Lord for the proclamation of His word in various ways.  It is based in the Brisbane area of Queensland, Australia.

Philip House favours working through ministry teams and also through opportunities for individual ministry.  It is trans-denominational, evangelistic, flexible, and available to travel. 

We would like to see women offering themselves for the Lord’s work in Philip House.  If you have gifts such as prophecy, evangelism, Bible teaching, or exhortation, and feel you could contribute in some way, we would be glad to hear from you.  


Word and Spirit: The Vital Union and
True Womanhood: The Abiding Principles

by Alison J. Sherrington
Forewords by Rev Dr Geoff Waugh

Paperback and Kindle copies of the books can be purchased from the links below.

PDF versions are available to download for FREE

Earlier editions of “Word and Spirit”, which were subtitled “Coming to Terms with the Charismatic Movement”, are no longer available.

Philip House offers three 2½-hour seminars:   

  • Word and Spirit
  • Opening up the Old Testament
  • True Womanhood